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The research area of Professor Dr. Md. Ashraful Haque covers the Molecular biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Enzymology and Plant Tissue culture etc.

  1. MS Dissertation supervised as Major Professor
  2. Marker –Assisted Introgression of saltol Locus into Genetic Background of BRRI dhan49

                   A.B.M. Zahidul Hoque Reg. # 08-05-2103, MS in Autumn 2014.


  1. Regulation of Pectate lyase Enzyme Produced by Erwinia spp.

            Nazmun Nahar, Reg. # 2012- 11-2900, MS in Summer 2015.


  1. Molecular Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci Conferring Grain Zinc Content in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

                    Shaikh Jafar Mohiuddin, Reg. # 2013-05-3100, MS in Summer 2015

  1. Haplotyte diversity Analysis in Cold Tolerant Rice ( Oryza Sativa L.).

       Aparajita Kundu, Reg. # 09-05-2241, MS in Autumn 2015.


  1. In vitro Screening of Potato lines for Salt- Tolerance Using Physiological Parameters and RAPD Analysis.

          Md. Hasan Sofiur Rahman, Reg. # 09-05-2287, MS in Winter 2015.


  1. Genetic Diversity of Eight Bangladeshi potato Cultivars Assessed by RAPD analysis.

         Nabila Mustafy Reg. # 2009- 05-2211, MS in Summer 2016.


  1. Molecular Characterization of Selected Salt Tolerant and sensitive Rice Genotypes Using Microsatellite Markers.

           Sk, Jaber Ahmed, Reg.#. 2009-05-226, MS in Summer 2016.


  1.   Genetic Diversity of Eight Bangladeshi Traditional potato Cultivars Assessed by RAPD analysis.

         Farhana Naznin , Reg.#. 2010-05-2406, MS in Autumn 2017.





MS Dissertation supervised as member of the Advisory Committee

  1. Isolation and Charecterization of Plant probiotic Bacteria from the Rhizosphere of Native Plants to Control cucumber Late Blight Pathogen phytophthora capsici.

Md. kamruzzaman, Reg. # 2007-05-1950, MS in Summer 2013

  1. Molecular Characterization of Novel Environmental Bacteria and their Growth Promoting Effect on Rice

Md. Ferdous Rezwan Khan Prince Reg. # 2011-11-2734, MS in Autumn 2014.

  1. Isolation and Molecular Charecterization of Biofunctional Endophytic Bacteria from Rice.

                      Jannatul Farthouse, Reg. # 2008-05-2068, MS in Autumn 2014

  1. Molecular Characterization of Strawberry Crown rot Pathogen and Enhancement of Strawberry yield by Plant Probiotics

                  Abdullah As Sabir Reg. # 2013-05-3094, MS in Summer 2015.


  1. Analysis of the Biofilm formated at the air- liquid interface by Escherichia coli ENSD101 and Enterobacter Asburiae ENSD102

Bhubaneshare deb Barman   Reg. # 2015-08-3774, MS in Winter 2016