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  1. MS Dissertation supervised as Major Professor


  1. Marker –Assisted Introgression of saltol Locus into Genetic Background of BRRI dhan49

                   A.B.M. Zahidul Hoque Reg. # 08-05-2103, MS in Autumn 2014.


  1. Regulation of Pectate lyase Enzyme Produced by Erwinia spp.

            Nazmun Nahar, Reg. # 2012- 11-2900, MS in Summer 2015.


  1. Molecular Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci Conferring Grain Zinc Content in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

                    Shaikh Jafar Mohiuddin, Reg. # 2013-05-3100, MS in Summer 2015

  1. Haplotyte diversity Analysis in Cold Tolerant Rice ( Oryza Sativa L.).

       Aparajita Kundu, Reg. # 09-05-2241, MS in Autumn 2015.


  1. In vitro Screening of Potato lines for Salt- Tolerance Using Physiological Parameters and RAPD Analysis.

          Md. Hasan Sofiur Rahman, Reg. # 09-05-2287, MS in Winter 2015.


  1. Genetic Diversity of Eight Bangladeshi potato Cultivars Assessed by RAPD analysis.

         Nabila Mustafy Reg. # 2009- 05-2211, MS in Summer 2016.


  1. Molecular Characterization of Selected Salt Tolerant and sensitive Rice Genotypes Using Microsatellite Markers.

           Sk, Jaber Ahmed, Reg.#. 2009-05-226, MS in Summer 2016.


  1.   Genetic Diversity of Eight Bangladeshi Traditional potato Cultivars Assessed by RAPD analysis.

         Farhana Naznin , Reg.#. 2010-05-2406, MS in Autumn 2017.


MS Dissertation supervised as member of the Advisory Committee:

  1. Isolation and Charecterization of Plant probiotic Bacteria from the Rhizosphere of Native Plants to Control cucumber Late Blight Pathogen phytophthora capsici.

Md. kamruzzaman, Reg. # 2007-05-1950, MS in Summer 2013

  1. Molecular Characterization of Novel Environmental Bacteria and their Growth Promoting Effect on Rice

Md. Ferdous Rezwan Khan Prince Reg. # 2011-11-2734, MS in Autumn 2014.

  1. Isolation and Molecular Charecterization of Biofunctional Endophytic Bacteria from Rice.

                      Jannatul Farthouse, Reg. # 2008-05-2068, MS in Autumn 2014

  1. Molecular Characterization of Strawberry Crown rot Pathogen and Enhancement of Strawberry yield by Plant Probiotics

                  Abdullah As Sabir Reg. # 2013-05-3094, MS in Summer 2015.


  1. Analysis of the Biofilm formated at the air- liquid interface by Escherichia coli ENSD101 and Enterobacter Asburiae ENSD102

Bhubaneshare deb Barman   Reg. # 2015-08-3774, MS in Winter 2016