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Name of students Program and research Role
Rumana Yeasmin

Inhibitory effects of plant probiotic bacteria and fungicides on wheat blast fungus

Major Professor
Kanistha Rani Morphological, pathological and Molecular Characterization of rice blast pathogen Major Professor
Sanjida Khanom Studies on antioxidant enzyme activities in plants to wheat blast fungus Major Professor
Samiya Akter Evaluation of the performances of probtotic bacteria on growth and yield of rice in farmers field in jhenaidah Major Professor
Rafia Akter Studies on germplasms resistant to wheat blast pathogen Major Professor
Bishwajit Karmakar Sunny Identification of Indigenous Probiotic Bacteria Inhibiting Fish Pathogens Major Professor
Neepa Dew


Morphological and molecular characterization of Fusarium spp. isolated from head blight of wheat and its biological control Major Professor


Md. Khairul Kabir Isolation and molecular characterization of strawberry crown rot pathogen and its biological control Major Professor
Nadia Afroz whole genome sequence analysis of Artocarpus heterophyllus Committee member
Pallab Bhattacharjee Determination of genetic identity and origin of wheat blast in Bangladesh Committee member
Md. Shaid Hossain Morphological, pathological and molecular

characterization of wheat blast disease

Committee member
Kaniz Fatema Isolation and molecular characterization of plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria from weeds Committee member
Sanjida Akter Effect of zero valent iron on arsenic uptake by rice and microbial population in soil Committee member
Sulav Indra Paul Marine sponge and sponge associated bacteria inhibiting fish pathogen Committee member
Saif Uddin Khan Identification of native probiotic bacteria to enhance growth and prevent disease in Labeo rohita Committee member
Samiha Sultana Genetic diversity of potato cultivars assessed by SSR marker in Bangladesh Committee member
MD. Robyul Islam Modulation of oxidative stress in maize by ‘-aminolevulinic acid (ala) under salinity and drought stress Committee member
Nabila Mustafy Genetic diversity of eight Bangladeshi potato cultivars assessed by RAPD analysis Committee member
Md. Hasan Sofiur Rahman Inviro screening of potato lines for salt tolerance using physiological parameters and RAPD marker analysis Committee member
Farhana Naznine Genetic diversity of eight Bangladeshi traditional potato cultivars RAPD analysis Committee member