Professor, Department of Biotechnology

Mahbub sir-2 (601 x 404)

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Telephone: +88-02-9205310-14 Extn. 2251


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  1. Expert  in the field of Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Techniques in Biotechnology, Environmental Pollution and Bioremediation, Fish Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Health Management of Aquatic animals etc.
  2. Conduct research works in the field of Molecular Identification of Microorganisms, Identification of bio-functional and probiotic microorganisms as bio-control agent of fish, shrimp and human pathogen, Development of herbal treatment methods to control fish disease.


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 i)        M. J. Foysal, M. M. Rahman and M. S. H. Prodhan. 2013. PCR based molecular detection of the gyrB2 gene from the Klebsiella sp. isolates from patients who were suffering from pneumonia and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 7(1): 23-25. (Published from India)

ii)      Md. Javed Foysal, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Md. Shamsul Haque Prodhan, Md. Faruque Miah, Md. Nazmul  Hossain,  Kamrul  Islam.  2013  Identification and Assay of Putative Virulence Properties of Eschericha coli gyrase Subunit A and B Among Hospitalized UTI Patients in Bangladesh. Inn. Pharmacotherapy, Vol 1. (1), 54-59.

iii)      Md. Al Nayem Chowdhury1, Md. Nazmul Hossain1, Md. Mahbubur Rahman2, *Md. Ashrafuzzaman1Prevalence of multidrug resistance in human pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus and their sensitivity to Allamanda cathartica L. leaf extract. International Current Pharmaceutical Journal, October 2013, 2(11): 185-188

iv)     N. S. Das, J. Dey, M. M. Rahman, H. M. Zahid, A. Nessa, A. H. Talukdar. 2013. Bioburden of Human Amniotic Membranes and Inhibition of the Associated Bacteria using Antibiotics and Gamma-Radiation. Global Journal of Medical Research. 13 (2) (in Press) (Published from USA)

v)      R. Sharmeen, M. N. Hossain, M. M. Rahman, M. J. Foysal, M. F. Miah.  2012. In-vitro antibacterial activity of herbal aqueous extract against multi-drug resistant Klebsiella sp. isolated from human clinical samples. International Current Pharmaceutical Journal. 1(6): 133-137.

vi)    M. F. Hasan, M. J. Foysal, M. N. Hossain, H. Ferdowsy, M. M. Rahman, 2012. In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Common Antibiotics and Herb Extracts to Clinical Isolates of Escherichia coli Collected from UTI Patient. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences. 3 (2): 987-992. (Published from India)

vii)   M. J. Foysal, M. N. Hossain, and M. M. Rahman. 2012. Antibiotic susceptibility profiling and in-vitro antibacterial activity of some plant extracts to Escherichia coli isolated from spoiled rice and egg. International Journal of Biosciences. 2 (5): 40-46.

viii)  H. Ferdowsy, M. J. Foysal, M. N. Hossain and M. M. Rahman. 2011. Isolation of Edwardsiella sp. from diseased catfishes and their sensitivity to some antibiotics and medicinal plant extracts. International Journal of BioResearch. 11 (1): 48-53.

ix)     M. J. Foysal, M. M. Rahman and M. Alam. 2011. Antibiotic Sensitivity of Plant Extracts to Pseudomonas fluorescens Isolates Collected from Diseased Fish. International Journal of Natural Sciences. 1 (4): 83-89.

x)       M. Alam, M. M. Rahman, M. J. Foysal and M. N. Hossain, 2011. Determination of Lethal Concentration and Antibacterial Activity of Commonly Used Disinfectants. International Journal of Natural Sciences. 1 (4): 103-106.

xi)    F. Azim, M. M. Rahman, S. H. Prodhan, S. U. Shikdar, N. Zobayer and M. Ashrafuzzaman. 2011. Development of Efficient Callus Initiation of Malta (Citrus sinensis) through Tissue Culture. International Journal of Agricultural Research Innovation and Technology. 1 (1 & 2) 64-68.

xii)    M. M. Rahman, H. Ferdowsy, M. A. Kashem and M. J. Foysal. 2010. Tail and Fin rot disease of Indian Major Carp and Climbing Perch in Bangladesh.  Journal of Biological Sciences. 10 (8): 800-804.

xiii)   J. Dey, N. S. Das, A. Nessa, H. M. Zahid, M. S. Prodhan and M. M. Rahman. 2010. Studies on the Bacteria isolated from human bone samples. International Journal of BioResearch. 9 (2): 1-8.

xiv)   M. M. Rahman and M. N. Hossain.  2010. Antibiotic and Herbal Sensitivity of Some Aeromonas sp. Isolates Collected from Diseased Carp Fishes. Progressive Agriculture. 21. (1& 2): 117-129.

xv)    M. M. Rahman, T. Somseri, R. Tanaka, T. Sawabe, and K. Tajima. 2005. PCR-RFLP analysis of Aeromonas isolates collected from diseased fish and aquatic animals.  Fish Pathology. 40 (4): 151-159. (Published from Japan).

xvi)  M. M. Rahman, T. Somsiri, Y. Ezura and K. Tajima. 2004. Distribution of Aeromonas spp. emphasizing on a newly identified species Aeromonas sp. T8 isolated from EUS-affected fish and aquatic animals in Southeast Asia. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. 7 (2): 258-268.

xvii)      M. M. Rahman, T. Somsiri, K. Tajima and Y. Ezura. 2003. Virulence properties of a newly identified species Aeromonas sp. T8 group isolated from EUS-affected fish. Fish Pathology. 38 (4): 151-161. (Published from Japan).

xviii)    M. M. Rahman and M. B. R. Chowdhury. 1999. Incidence of ulcer disease in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell) and trial for its chemotherapy. Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries Research. 3 (2): 193-200.

xix)       M. M. Rahman, M. B. R. Chowdhury, M. N. Uddin and H. K. Pal.1998. Occurrence of ulcer disease in some wild fishes in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Microbiology. 15: 9-16.

xx)         M. B. R. Chowdhury, M. Nahiduzzaman, M. M. Rahman and M. N. Uddin. 1998. Status of bacterial flora in a hybrid catfish, Clarias batrachus ´ Clarias gariepinus. Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries. 21: 49-54.

xxi)       M. A. Sarker, M. B. R. Chowdhury, M. M. Rahman and M. A. Kashem 1998. Pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance of some Aeromonas hydrophila isolates. Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries. 21: 61-64.

xxii)      H. K. Pal, M. B. R. Chowdhury, M. N. Uddin and M. M. Rahman. 1997. Experimental infection of silver-barb (Puntius gonionotus) with some recovered pseudomonad isolates. Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries. 20: 77-80.

xxiii)    M. M. Iqbal, M. B. R. Chowdhury, M. N. Uddin and M. M. Rahman. 1996. Studies on the bacterial flora in the slime and kidney of a farmed fish, Cirrhinus mrigala. Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries. 19: 87-93.

xxiv)    M. M. Rahman and M. B. R. Chowdhury. 1996. Isolation of bacterial pathogen causing an ulcer disease in farmed carp fishes of Mymensingh. Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries. 19: 103-110.


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  1. M. F. Miah,  M. J. Alam, M. M. Rahman,  N. G. Roy, and P. Deb. 2008. Gene Prokoushol o Jaiboprojukti (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology), Mullik Brothers Publications, 42, Bangla Bazer, Dhaka, ISBN: 984-8272-33-X, Page-308 (A Book for the Zoology (Hons.) and MS students of National University, Bangladesh).