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Selected Publications (total >250; citations: total = >4,800, h index = 37) [Researchgate Score: 44.45 on December 8, 2021]

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List of Publications of Professor Md Tofazzal Islam


Total 250+; Google Scholar citation 4,750+ (approx.), h-index 36; i10-index 105; Patent 1; Researchgate Score 44.23 (on November 29, 2021)


Selected Publications



  1. Characterization of Pestalotiopsis causing gray leaf spot in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) in Bangladesh. Md. Abdullahil Baki Bhuiyan, Nasrin Sultana, Nur U. Mahmud, Md. Abdul Kader, Oliul Hassan, Taehyun Chang, Tofazzal Islam*, Abdul M. Akanda (2021) Journal of Basic Microbiology Impact Factor (IF): 2.281. *Corresponding author


  1. Rapid detection of wheat blast pathogen Magnaporthe Oryzae Triticum pathotype using genome-specific primers and Cas12a-mediated technology. Houxiang Kang, Ye Peng, Kangyu Hua, Yufei Deng, Maria Bellizzi, Dipali Rani Gupta, Nur Uddin Mahmud, Alfredo S. Urashima, Sanjoy Kumar Paul, Gary Peterson, Yilin Zhou, Xueping Zhou, Md Tofazzal Islam*, Guo-Liang Wang (2021) Engineering, Impact Factor (IF): 7.555. *Corresponding author


  1. Hydrogen peroxide detoxifying enzymes show different activity patterns in host and non-host plant interactions with Magnaporthe oryzae Triticum Gupta, D.R., Khanom, S., Rohman, M.M., Hasanuzzaman, M., Surovy, M.Z., Mahmud, N.U., Islam, M.R., Shawon, A.R., Rahman, M., Abd-Elsalam, K.A., Islam, T.* (2021) Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants Impact Factor (IF): 2.391. *Corresponding author


  1. Identification of rice blast loss-of-function mutant alleles in the wheat genome as a new strategy for wheat blast resistance breeding. Guo H, Du Q, Xie Y, Xiong H, Zhao L, Gu J, Zhao S, Song X, Islam T and Liu L (2021) Frontiers in Genetics 12:623419. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2021.623419 Impact Factor (IF): 4.599.


  1. Characterization of Sclerotium rolfsii Causing Root Rot of Sugar Beet in Bangladesh. Swapan Kumar Paul, Nur Uddin Mahmud, Dipali Rani Gupta, Musrat Zahan Surovy, Mahfuzur Rahman & Tofazzal Islam. Sugar Technology Impact Factor (IF): 1.591.


  1. Multiplex amplicon sequencing dataset for genotyping pandemic populations of the wheat blast fungus. Batiseba Tembo, Nur Uddin Mahmud, Sanjoy Kumar Paul, Soichiro Asuke, Adeline Harant, Thorsten Langner, C. Sarai Reyes-Avila, Emilie Chanclud, Vincent Were, Suwilanji Sichilima, Rabson M. Mulenga, Dipali Rani Gupta, Md. Shabab Mehebub, Abu Naim Md. Muzahid, M. Fajle Rabby, Pawan K. Singh, Alison Bentley, Yukio Tosa, Daniel Croll, Kurt Lamour, Tofazzal Islam, Nicholas J. Talbot, Sophien Kamoun, Joe Win (2021) Zenodo,


  1. Bacilli as sources of agrobiotechnology: recent advances and future directions. Zerihun T. Dame, Mahfuz Rahman, Tofazzal Islam* (2021). Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 14(2): 245-270, DOI: 10.1080/17518253.2021.1905080. Impact Factor (IF): 4.990 *Corresponding author


  1. Biological and biorational management of blast diseases in cereals caused by Magnaporthe oryzae. Moutoshi Chakraborty, Nur Uddin Mahmud, Chhana Ullah, Mahfuzur Rahman, Tofazzal Islam* (2021) Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, doi: 10.1080/07388551.2021.1898325 Impact Factor (IF): 8.429. *Corresponding author


  1. Genome sequences of sixty Magnaporthe oryzae isolates from multiplehostplant species. Vincent Were, David T. Mwongera, Darren M. Soanes, Ram-Krishna Shrestha, Lauren Ryder, Andrew J. Foster, Samuel K. Mutiga, Felix Rotich,  Joe Win,  Thorsten Langer, Weibin Ma, Adeline Harant, Ibrahima Ouedraogo,  Tofazzal Islam, Jim C. Correll,  Sophien Kamoun,  Nicholas J Talbot (2021) Zenodo, doi:5281/zenodo.4627043


  1. Biocontrol agent, biofumigation, and grafting with resistant rootstock suppress soil-borne disease and improve yield of tomato in West Virginia. Mahfuz Rahman, Tofazzal Islam, Lewis Jett, James Kotcon. Crop Protection 145: 105630,, IF: 2.571


  1. Prospect and challenges for sustainable management of climate change-associated stresses to soil and plant health by beneficial bacteria. Sarker, A., Ansary, M.W.R., Hossain, M.N., Islam, T*. (2021) Stresses, 1(4), 200-222; *Corresponding author


  1. Identification of marine sponge-associated bacteria of the Saint Martin’s island of the Bay of Bengal emphasizing on the prevention of motile Aeromonas septicemia in Labeo rohita. Sulav Indra Paul, Md Mahbubur Rahman, Mohammad Abdus Salam, Md Arifur Rahman Khan, Md Tofazzal Islam (2021) Aquaculture 454: 737156. Impact Factor (IF): 4.424.


  1. Dietary chitosan promotes the growth, biochemical composition, gut microbiota, hematological parameters and internal organ morphology of juvenile Barbonymus gonionotus. Mohammad Abdus Salam, Md. Ashikur Rahman, Sulav Indra Paul, Fatama Islam, Avishek Kanti Barman, Zinia Rahman, Dinesh Chandra Shaha, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Tofazzal Islam (2021) PLoS One 16(11): e0260192. Impact Factor (IF): 3.420.


  1. CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing technology for abiotic stress tolerance in crop plant. Akbar Hossain, Md. Muzahid E. Rahman, Sahin Ali, Tanjina Islam, M. Abu Syed, Tahira Syed, Syed Adeel Zafar, Laxmipreeya Behera, Milan Skalicky, Marian Brestich, Tofazzal Islam (2021) In: Plant Perspectives to Global Climate Changes: Developing Climate Resilient Crops. Academic Press, pp. 231-354.


  1. Neglected and underutilized crop species: are they future smart crops in fighting poverty, hunger and malnutrition under changing climate? Akbar Hossain, Mst. Tanjina Islam, Sagar Maitra, Debjyoti Majumder, Sourav Garai, Mousumi Mondal, Asgar Ahmed, Anirban Roy, Milan Skalicky, Marian Brestic, Tofazzal Islam (2021). In: Zargar S.M., Masi A., Salgotra R.K. (eds) Neglected and Underutilized Crops – Towards Nutritional Security and Sustainability. Springer, Singapore.


  1. Heavy metals contamination and associated health risks in food webs—a review focuses on food safety and environmental sustainability in Bangladesh. Aniruddha Sarker, Jang-Eok Kim, Abu Reza Md. Towfiqul Islam, Muhammad Bilal, Md. Refat Jahan Rakib, Rakhi Nandi, Mohammed M. Rahman, Tofazzal Islam*. (2021) Environmental Science and Pollution Research, in press. Impact Factor (IF): 2.223. *Corresponding author


  1. Enterococcus faecalis involved in streptococcosis like infection in silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus). Rakib Ehsan, Mahbubul Alam, Tasmina Akter, Sulav Indra Paul, Md. Javed Foysal, Dipali Rani Gupta. Tofazzal Islam, Md. Mahbubur Rahman (2021) Aquaculture Reports 21: 100868. Impact Factor (IF): 3.216.


  1. Exogenous Application of Methyl Jasmonate and Salicylic Acid Mitigates Drought-Induced Oxidative Damages in French Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). Mohi-Ud-Din, Mohammed, Dipa Talukder, Motiar Rohman, Jalal U. Ahmed, S. V.K. Jagadish, Tofazzal Islam*, and Mirza Hasanuzzaman (2021). Plants 10(10): 2066. Impact Factor (IF): 3.935*. *Corresponding author


  1. SARS-CoV-2 Infection reduces human nasopharyngeal commensal microbiome with inclusion of pathobionts. Hoque, M. Nazmul and Sarkar, Md. Murshed Hasan and Rahman, M. Shaminur and Akter, Shahina and Banu, Tanjina Akhtar and Goswami, Barna and Jahan, Iffat and Hossain, M. Saddam and Shamsuzzaman, A. K. Mohammad and Nafisa, Tasnim and Molla, M. Maruf Ahmed and Yeasmin, Mahmuda and Ghosh, Asish Kumar and Osman, Eshrar and Uzzaman, Mohammad Samir and Habib, Md Ahashan and Mahmud, Abu Sayeed Mohammad and Crandall, Keith A. and Khan, M. Salim and Islam, Tofazzal* (2021). Available at SSRN: or *Corresponding author


  1. In silico analysis of gRNA secondary structure to predict its efficacy for plant genome editing. Hassan M.M., Chowdhury A.K., Islam T. (2021) In: Islam M.T., Molla K.A. (eds) CRISPR-Cas Methods. Springer Protocols Handbooks. Humana, New York, NY.


  1. Microbial co-infections in COVID-19: Associated microbiota and underlying mechanisms of pathogenesis. M. Nazmul Hoque, Salma Akter, Israt Dilruba Mishu, M. Rafiul Islam, M. Shaminur Rahman, Masuda Akhter, Israt Islam, Mehedi Mahmudul Hasan, Md. Mizanur Rahaman, Munawar Sultana, Tofazzal Islam, M. Anwar Hossain. Microbial Pathogenesis 156: 104941. Impact Factor (IF): 3.738


  1. SARS-CoV-2 infection reduces human nasopharyngeal commensal microbiome with inclusion of pathobionts. Hoque, M. Nazmul and Sarkar, Md. Murshed Hasan and Rahman, M. Shaminur and Akter, Shahina and Banu, Tanjina Akhtar and Goswami, Barna and Jahan, Iffat and Hossain, M. Saddam and Shamsuzzaman, A. K. Mohammad and Nafisa, Tasnim and Molla, M. Maruf Ahmed and Yeasmin, Mahmuda and Ghosh, Asish Kumar and Osman, Eshrar and Uzzaman, Mohammad Samir and Habib, Md Ahashan and Mahmud, Abu Sayeed Mohammad and Crandall, Keith A. and Khan, M. Salim and Islam, Tofazzal (4/22/2021) Available at SSRN: or


  1. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: the natural biotechnological tools for sustainable crop production under saline soils in the modern era of climate change. Hossain A., Bhatt R., Arora S., Latef A.A.H.A., Islam T. (2021) In: Aftab T., Hakeem K.R. (eds) Plant Growth Regulators. Springer, Cham.


  1. Prospects of nanotechnology in improving the productivity and quality of horticultural crops. Rana, Ruhul A., Md. N. Siddiqui, Milan Skalicky, Marian Brestic, Akbar Hossain, Emrul Kayesh, Marek Popov, Vaclav Hejnak, Dipali R. Gupta, Nur U. Mahmud, and Tofazzal Islam* (2021) Horticulturae 7(10): 332. Impact Factor (IF): 2.331. *Corresponding author


  1. Uncertainty of pesticides in foodstuffs, associated environmental and health risks to humans—a critical case of Bangladesh with respect to global food policy. Sarker, A*., Islam, T.*, Rahman, S., Nandi, R., Kim, J.E. (2021) Environ Sci Pollut Res *Contributed equally. Impact Factor (IF): 4.223


  1. Advances in Genomics Approaches Shed Light on Crop Domestication. Zhao, Yang, Mengfan Feng, Dev Paudel, Tofazzal Islam, Aliya Momotaz, Ziliang Luo, Zifan Zhao, Ni Wei, Sicheng Li, Qing Xia, Bowen Kuang, Xiping Yang, and Jianping Wang. (2021) Plants 10(8): 1571. Impact Factor (IF): 3.935


  1. Remediation of chemical pesticides from contaminated sites through potential microorganisms and their functional enzymes: Prospects and challenges. Aniruddha Sarker, Rakhi Nandi, Jang-Eok Kim, Tofazzal Islam* (2021) Environmental Technology & Innovation 23: 101777, Impact Factor (IF): 5.263. *Corresponding author


  1. Diversity and genomic determinants of the microbiomes associated with COVID-19 and non-COVID respiratory diseases. Nazmul Hoque, M. Shaminur Rahman, Rasel Ahmed, Md. Sabbir Hossain, Md. Shahidul Islam, Tofazzal Islam, M. Anwar Hossain, Amam Zonaed Siddiki. Gene Reports 23: 101200.


  1. Choice of assemblers has a critical impact on de novo assembly of SARS-CoV-2 genome and characterizing variants. Rashedul Islam, Rajan Saha Raju, Nazia Tasnim, Md. Istiak Hossain Shihab, Maruf Ahmed Bhuiyan, Yusha Araf, Tofazzal Islam* (2021) Breefings in Bioinformatics, bbab102, Impact Factor (IF): 11.622. *Corresponding author


  1. Tissue regeneration: How far away is the reality from science-fiction? Farhan Rahman Chowdhury, Tofazzal Islam* (2021) Trends in Cell and Molecular Biology 15, 33-42. *Corresponding author


  1. Gut probiotic bacteria of Barbonymus gonionotus improve growth, hematological parameters and reproductive performances of the host. Salam, M.A., Islam, M.A., Paul, S.I., Rahman, M.M., Rahman, M.L., Islam, F., Rahman, A., Saha, D.C., Alam, M.S., Islam, T. Sci Rep 11, 10692 (2021). Impact Factor (IF): 4.379


  1. Plant endophytic yeasts Pichia fermentans and Meyerozyma caribbica improve growth, biochemical composition, haematological parameters and morphology of internal organs of premature Barbonymus gonionotus. Fatama Islam, Mohammad Abdus Salam, Md. Ashikur Rahman, Sulav Indra Paul, Tamalika Rani Das, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Dinesh Chandra Shaha, Dipali Rani Gupta, Md Shah Alam, Tofazzal Islam (2021) Aquaculture Reports, 19: 100575. Impact Factor (IF): 3.216.


  1. Silicon and selenium transporters in plants. Akbar Hossain, Tofazzal Islam (2021). In: Metal and Nutrient Transporters in Abiotic Stress, Aryadeep RoychoudhuryDurgesh Tripathi Rupesh Deshmukh Eds, Elsevier, in press.…/roychoudhury/978-0-12-817955-0


  1. Fabrication of highly and poorly oxidized silver oxide/silver/tin(IV) oxide nanocomposites and their comparative anti-pathogenic properties towards hazardous food pathogens. Ikram Ul Hoque, Al-Nakib Chowdhury, Md. Tofazzal Islam, Shakhawat H. Firoz, Ummayhanni Luba, Azhar Alowasheeir, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Syed Haseeb Ali Ahmad, Rudolf Holze, Md. Shahriar A. Hossain, Saidur Rahman, Scott W. Donn, Yusuf Valentino Kaneti (2021). Journal of Hazardous Materials 408: 15 April 2021, 124896. Impact Factor (IF): 10.588.


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  1. Principle, diversity, mechanism, and potential of practical application of plant probiotic bacteria for the biocontrol of phytopathogens by induced systemic resistance. Musrat Zahan Surovy, Tofazzal Islam* (2021). In: Food Security and Plant Disease Management, Ajay Kumar, Samir Droby Eds. Elsevier Pubs. pp. 75-94. *Corresponding author


  1. Selenium biofortification: roles, mechanisms, responses and prospects. Akbar Hossain, Milan Skalicky, Marian Brestic, Sagar Maitra, Sukamal Sarkar, Zahoor Ahmad, Hindu Vemuri, Sourav Garai, Mousumi Mondal, Rajan Bhatt, Pardeep Kumar, Pradipta Banerjee, Saikat Saha, Tofazzal Islam, Alison M. Laing (2021). Molecules26(4): 881. Impact Factor (IF): 4.411.


  1. Assessment of heavy metals in the sediments of Chalan beel wetland area in Bangladesh. Mohammad Abdus Salam, Mohammad Ashraful Alam, Sulav Indra Paul, Fatama Islam, Dinesh Chandra Shaha, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Mohammad Arifur Rahman Khan, Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman, Abul Kalam Mohammad Aminul Islam, Tofayel Ahamed, Golum Kibria Muhammad Mustafizur Rahman, Mohammad Giashuddin Miah, Abdul Mannan Akanda, Tofazzal Islam (2021) Processes 9(3): 410. Impact Factor (IF): 2.847.


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  1. First Report of collar and root rot of faba bean caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-2-2 IIIB in Bangladesh. K. Paul, N. U. Mahmud, A. N. M. Muzahid, and Tofazzal Islam* (2021) Plant Disease *Corresponding author Impact Factor (IF): 4.438.


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  1. Wheat (Triticum aestivum ) in the rice-wheat systems of South Asia is influenced by terminal heat stress at late sown condition: A case in Bangladesh. Akbar Hossain, Mst. Tanjina Islam and M. Tofazzal Islam (2021). In Plant Stress Physiology, Akbar Hossain ed. IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.91828


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  1. Challenges in medical waste management amid COVID-19 pandemic in a megacity Dhaka. Golam Mahbub Faisal, M. Nazmul Hoque, M. Shaminur Rahman, Tofazzal Islam* (2021) J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 4(1): 106-113. *Corresponding author.


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